Monday, March 19, 2012

Break Time

The next paper is coming up and I've got to get that done. Also I have several prints that I tried different techniques on (solarization) that didn't work and (paper negatives) that I think worked when I was in the dark room last.

The chemical didn't tone as well as expected and did rather poorly on the placement of the stains.
paper negative print
slight solarization
more solarization

I took another look at the film I'm working on with a good teacher who gave me great ideas on how to salvage it and try to make it closer to the way I see it. It might be usable if I can get it to work. So that helps in trying to feel like I've actually accomplished something. I know mistakes can be really important but sometimes I just want to cut to the chase and get exactly what I envisioned on the first try!
Now I'm creating more negatives to get started on sun prints when the chemicals finally come in.

Friday, March 9, 2012

March Winds

I've been working in the dark room. Not a lot that I care to share. I just didn't get the images to come out right. It was rather disappointing. I moved on to editing my film. Again, not exactly what I wanted. I'm not sure if I want to scrap the film at this point or just see if it can be fixed.
During my visit with my mentor, we discussed different types of photo printing methods and types of paper. I have been experimenting with images and paper types. Also while I wait to track down the different chemicals for the alternate type of printing, I've been working on some pieces from the book Digital Art Studio. This book by Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause, and Bonny Pierce Lhotka combine my love for process and texture. I've got some images started but have to practice the printing out methods after the coatings dry.
Here's a few sample pieces before printing out

This is Lily by Bonny Pierce Lhotka
And Memories also by B. P. Lhotka
And I think you can see why I enjoy these images so much. They are full of texture, the content is intriguing, and the composition is strong.

I've also kept up with the other type of photography which is following a more traditional photojournalist path, but even here I couldn't help but tweak it to resemble the old scratched photos and film stills of earlier eras.