Tuesday, April 16, 2013

approaching storms

It has been so difficult to use the sun when the weather has not been cooperating. It wouldn't be so bad because I've been able to use the sun and expose the papers even when it's been 15 degrees outside.

But lately it has been either snow or rain. In fact we've had 2 storms this last week, one was a near white out in Duluth. We didn't get it quite so bad but we had close to 6-8 inches. Now they are calling for another storm coming in tonight or tomorrow and another 8 inches or more. Oh well.....

I've still laid out the papers on the snow but the constant temps above freezing and the intermittent drizzle make interesting patterns on the papers (and cause them to get soaked).

I've started treating other types of papers and substrates to see what and how they'll take the cyanotype and how well they will rinse off. It takes a good 5 minutes and often more to rinse to clear water. And I've had many papers start breaking down their fibers in less time than that and end up with a matted mess after rinsing.

This is yellow which is the cyanotype coating before exposure.

This cardboard has been exposed and is now drying. I thought it would fall apart during rinsing but it didn't seem to have too much problem.

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