Sunday, July 21, 2013

Final Residency and Last Semester!

I am indebted to the very kind and generous Lisa Sibley for making these photos of my work at the residency. Thank you Lisa!

 Detail of one of the papers. During the making of cyanotypes on any type of paper in an earlier semester, I realized that since I was calling into play the elements of discard, I should then, use lots of discarded papers I had on hand from other projects. This was an etched print using water color paper.

Placing the papers on a column traditionally used to support works of art, i.e. sculpture, I focused on the irony by activating it even more with many discarded and strewn pieces of paper. 

I have to say a huge thank you to Jarod Charzewski this last semester for his intelligence, humor, and thoughtful analysis of the ongoing piece. 

What I have found in this last residency is that the whole piece is able to be re-worked and implemented in many different ways in terms of presentation. And that allows me to play on various aspects of the piece. 

There is still much work to be done. And along with it a thesis to write so I will be checking back infrequently to put in a few photos as the work progresses. 

I am working with the wonderful and intelligent advisor Sunanda  Sunyal at AIB. He has given me more (much more) to read since I've veered off the path of photography and into sculpture and installation. It's also enlightening to listen to him talk.  

I also have to say to my earlier mentor Susan Dunkerely Magurie that it was wonderful working with you and thanks to you I've made many amazing discoveries!

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